Restoring BUR Systems (Built-up Roofing) can be an option that may increase longevity and prevent the cost of a total reroof. 

Corona Foothills Middle School and Sycamore Elementary first opened in 2003 and located in the great town of Corona de Tucson.  Both schools are located on the same campus and originally had a BUR system installed. Over the past 18 years, the Arizona sun has caused the asphalt-based system to deteriorate.  The school system needed a cost-effective option to increase the lifespan of the roofing system without a full replacement. Classic Roofing of Arizona was given the opportunity to provide a cost-effective roofing restoring option to the school.  


Both schools combined have a total 125,000 square foot roofing area to be restored. Classic Roofing utilized Everest Systems for this application.  There was a need for an industry-leading high-tensile elastomeric coating that also provided maximum UV protection.  The product selected was Evercoat HT-QS with a 20-year NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranty.  The project was completed recently in May 2021, with no issues and on time.

Everest Systems high performance acrylic and silicone fluid applied membranes are designed to last for warranty periods of up to 20 years. At Everest Systems, we offer Fluid Applied Membranes engineered for performance with the specific substrate and building owner needs in mind. Once installed, your new Everest Roof System will be a seamless membrane that is energy efficient, long lasting and renewable. We count our Clients and Certified Contractors as partners with Everest Systems. We believe in strong partnerships between our Clients’ roofing needs and our Certified Contractors’ installation abilities along with strong specifications, certifications and quality products by Everest Systems. Our founder John Linnell began his career in 1980 with the world’s leading resin supplier to the paint and coatings industry supplier,Rohm and Haas company …… Read More

Restoring BUR Systems