This is the second year Classic Roofing has participated in this event. It’s design is based around educating commercial building owners, managers, and engineers on the new products & services that exist in the service and maintenance industry. Classic’s role was to educate them on managing their commercial grade roofing systems & answer any questions about commercial roofing and what their responsibilities are to help maintain the system in place.


All systems were covered. TPO, BUR, APP MOD BIT, Foam and coating’s. The interesting part is that many of these individuals had vast knowledge


of the roof system’s on their building however about 90% of them could not answer the question about who the manufacturer was.
Some owners didn’t know that a warranty even existed on their building and those that did had no idea what the benefits were or how to take advantage of it.

Knowledge is power and with one five minute conversation to a particular engineer, Classic Roofing was able to send him back to his property owner knowing that the thousands of dollars the company budgeted in 2018 was about to become $0. Why? Because all the repairs were covered under the warranty the company received when the roof was completed in 2010.

The company was proactive with the Preventive Roof Maintenance Program that they had in place, performing Bi Annual inspections and maintenance like clock work. With this documentation in hand the owner will now go to the material manufacturer to show they held up their end of the bargain per the warranty requirements & the failures will not become an out of pocket expense for them.

We were also very excited to showcase our Rufus technology that allows our clients to become more involved with what we feel is the most important piece of the building envelope. Creating a cloud based portfolio of their properties and giving them access to each and every one at the click of a mouse or tap of the screen is just one of the benefits of the Rufus System.

Your at your sons’s soccer game in California, its raining in Phoenix, AZ & you just received an email from your tenant in Phoenix that there is a massive roof leak. You open your smart phone, create the Emergency Roof Service Dispatch, and send it out. That dispatch gets sent directly to our Service Manager, he makes contact with the client and the team is one the way. You never even missed your son’s game winning goal!

Technology is evolving so rapidly, our clients want it done and done now with little to no disruption to their everyday lives. With Rufus, that is exactly what Classic Roofing can provide.

This system was a big hit at the Southwest Buildings and Facilities Management show last week.

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